Amsterdam – The Day

After my recent travels to Amsterdam one thing became particularly obvious was the way the city transformed depending on the time of day.  In this three part series my images will correlate with this idea of the city’s adapting nature. Here is part one of three: Day.

During the day the tight streets are busy with shoppers, cars, mopeds and cyclists, all moving freely and rapidly, therefore making navigation through the streets particularly hard. One false step and you’d be in the path of an oncoming Dutch cyclist, or more to amusement, a tourist. Whose misconceived idea of renting a bike lead to a confusing ride of doom, most likely caused by the baffling lack of the ‘give way’ rule.

However the bright winters sun diffused through a thick cloud cover, casting the beautiful streets with a light that seemingly made the brighter colours of the street, vehicles, flowers and clothing pop in contrast to the bright but grey day.

A particular highlight of Amsterdam during the day time was the small child who adored and fed the pigeons. Keen to have his picture taken with his avian friends he was more than happy to pose and introduce me to the pigeons. However when I say introduce I really mean to be covered from head to toe in the (filthy) birds. One perched rather happily on my head while I took the portrait of the child…the things I do for my profession…

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